Unreal Engine Debugging

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As a software engineer, I understand the importance of having a diverse set of tools at my disposal. Knowing how and when to use these tools can make all the difference in effectively debugging an Unreal Engine executable.

In my experience, I have discovered several lesser-known methods that have proven to be incredibly helpful in this process. These methods include:

Command Line Parameters


WaitForAttach is designed to pause the execution of your program on startup until a debugger has been attached, allowing you to catch any startup issues before they cause further problems.

This feature can be incredibly helpful in avoiding the need to race to attach your debugger before the problematic code path is hit. Instead, you can take your time to attach your debugger and inspect the state of your program in a controlled manner.


StompMalloc works by surrounding each memory allocation with a page of protected memory, which can help pinpoint the exact spot where invalid memory modification occurred, such as a buffer overflow or underrun.

This means that your program will crash at the precise location of the heap corruption, rather than leaving you to guess where the problem may be occurring.