As a seasoned software engineer in the game development industry, I offer specialized consulting services in the following areas:

  • Game Development Strategy: Tailored guidance to elevate the technical aspects of your game development projects, focusing on efficient code architecture and development workflows.
  • System Design: Assisting in the engineering and design of comprehensive, scalable systems that form the backbone of your game, ensuring a solid foundation for complex projects.
  • Multiplayer Systems: Guidance on developing robust multiplayer systems, leveraging expertise in architecture design, bandwidth optimization, and throughput efficiency.
  • Code Debugging & Optimization: Specialized expertise in debugging intricate software and enhancing the performance of your codebase.
  • Mentoring and Guidance: Mentoring individuals or teams seeking insights into game development, software engineering, and career growth. Receive personalized guidance to navigate challenges and enhance your skills.
  • General Software Engineering Support: Addressing various software engineering and code-related inquiries. Whether you have specific technical questions, need code reviews, or seek advice on best practices, I’m here to assist.


My consulting services are available at an hourly rate. Please contact me for more details and pricing information.

Let’s Collaborate!

Ready to enhance your game development projects? Let’s collaborate to bring your vision to life.

I’m flexible in communication, whether through voice, text-only, a hybrid approach, or your preferred method of communication.


  • I am currently not available for full-time positions. As time allows, my consulting engagements are on a contractor/part-time basis, alongside my existing full-time commitments. I am dedicated to providing and sharing my expertise on an as-can-do arrangement.
  • Please note my consulting services primarily focus on providing guidance, knowledge, and support. The inclusion of programming work will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and may be subject to a higher hourly rate.

I look forward to working with you to achieve excellence!

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